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bts: the hoodie girl

man, i've come a long way

after finishing this piece, i was feeling proud that the practice i put into drawing brought me to a skill level i didnt think id reach for years (not exaggerating xD). i mean, im nowhere near professional but i feel like ive taken a huge step in a positive direction

*casually throws in an anime reference*

what this piece means to me

u know, i didnt really think much about it while i was drawing but looking at the piece now, it makes me feel hope. especially because of the stuff i was going through while working on this one, small achievements like finishing a piece and getting better at art makes me feel

so grateful. tbh there’s no wrong answer when it comes to how a piece of art makes you feel. for you, it could mean something entirely different or carry no meaning at all

future post schedule

eh who knows :^)

cya around lads

- sock



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