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Here's How To Reach Your 2023 Art Goals

Set Quantifiable Goals

Without a clear goal, you can’t set a clear path.

A common mistake when planning is creating vague goals. It's important to make your goals specific and measurable. By doing so, you can track your progress and break down your goals into smaller tasks. A trick I found is to make sure your goals have a when and how. Here's an example:

Get Better At Art BAD

When: Missing How: Missing

Practice Art Twice A Week BETTER

When: Twice a week

How: Missing

Learn A New Color Harmony Twice A Week GOOD When: Twice a week

How: Learn about a color harmony

Gain Accountability

If you are prone to procrastination, it's best to include someone else on your projects.

The best way is to join a group of people who all have similar aspirations, like a discord server. The Majestics0ck server has monthly art challenges and hosts art study events every week.

Another easy way is to have somebody periodically check in on your progress. A friend, partner, or family will do. If you want to get serious, add stakes. You could tell your friends to hang out without you if you don't show them your work. Maybe tell your parent to take your phone if you don't stay on track.

Have A Designated Art Space

You want to pick an environment dedicated to you creating. That way your brain knows that it's time to focus on art and art alone whenever you go there. You want to pick a place that is:

  • peaceful

  • pleasing to look at

  • not too close to your resting place

Try to make it as comfortable as possible. It should be a place you like being in. Add some pillows, bring some coffee, and put some lights up. Don't get too comfortable, though. Try to keep the distractions as far as possible.

If this seems like too much for you, another option is to find a place. Cafes and libraries are perfect.


Please let me know your art goals in the comments. Don't forget to join the majestics0ck discord server to learn art with friends <3

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my biggest art goal is to create an art style that I am comfortable with by the end of the year by drawing in other artis't art styles twice a week to find out exactly what I like about them ~

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