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my experience with digital watercolor (so far)

hi! welcome to my brain

i haven't done digital watercolor all that much yet. in fact, it has only been a month since i've explored the medium digitally so this should be fun for all of us mwahaha

my overall experience has been rather a rollercoaster

first, it started off really intense. i had a burning motivation behind my first peice: to use what i have learned in the last few months to further explore a new style (digital watercolor) in hopes that i would be getting closer to what would be my "style".

of course, many professional artists work with different kinds of styles all the time but there are also artists who consistently draw with one unique style--which is something that i currently want

the girl with the drink was my first attempt at this new medium. from the anatomy to the coloring to the lighting, everything was very inconsistent.

you see, i had made my own free watercolor brush using a youtube tutorial.

with that being said, i didnt have a lot of knowledge regarding art fundamentals

This girl was my next attempt. oiiiiii i hated this one as well xD ajdlkfjakl

i dont even want to get into this one, didnt even bother "fixing" piece into looking even a bit better and moved onto the next one. although, i will say that i had an easier time with the hair this time around so im gonna count this as a win!

i definitely spent more time on this one

this was also when i made a brush change in the middle of the drawing. i bought a whole watercolor brush set along with watercolor paper i could use on procreate

i didn't use the watercolor paper in this one and barely had the chance to use my new brushes

but i had an easier time :D

now this one, i pulled out the watercolor paper

then i made the sketch as usual and filled out my outlines using my new watercolor brushes

painting this piece was a thrilling experience since i was able to explore a medium i had always wanted to (sort of since i didn't exactly do actual watercolor) and the brushes were absolutely amazing to work with. they gave me a satisfying, freeing feeling with the way they seemed to flow effortlessly onto the paper

although not perfect, i was pretty happy with this one and how far i had come

now for my most recent piece,

super happy

not because i felt like i achieved artistic greatness but because i finally got the sense that i was creating my own style

i can name so many things i need to work on in the coming days: light, anatomy, facial expression, backgrounds, coloring hair, coloring the outfit, etc

but, i am so so so proud of myself for coming so far because there was one time, not so long ago, that my digital drawings looked like the photos below

my digital drawings when i first started (december 2019):

things that helped me progress :

  • samdoesarts patreon tutorials

  • practicing anatomy through online classes taught by Maria Lia Malandrino on 21draw. as you can see, theyve helped me a TON even through ive only been taking them for a month

  • doing hand control exercises from time to time

  • bam animation youtube tutorials


c u guys next time!

Sock out 🧦

p.s. optional comment: comment down below a medium you've been meaning to try and why!



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