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Another Free "Simplifying Anatomy" Printable is Here! 😄

"We couldn't stop at just one."

(yes dis is the same mockup as the last one dont judge me ._. im js too lazy/poor to commission another mockup)

The First Guide Was a Huge Success

In November 2022, an interactive guide filled with tutorials and exercises was released. And we hit 2700+ downloads! So many of you expressed your appreciation:

The Second Printable: Male Simplified Anatomy

We just completed the second printable in our series of simplifying anatomy resources, a male version of the previously released female guide! If you're wondering why we chose the Male Simplified Anatomy for the second printable, we wanted to fulfill the requests of our TikTok community. Hence, the male version was created.

Our Team

  • Chamin: Our newest team member, used his anatomy knowledge from his days at Art Center to break down each part of the male body into its simplest form!

  • Abrito: Created all of the finished linework for the printable.

  • Xan: Stitched every graphical asset beautifully onto the pages.

What To Expect

Similar to our previous release, the latest worksheet will act as your very own personal anatomy coach, guiding you through the process of drawing simplified versions of the human body. This resource goes beyond just providing information to read, as it also includes exercises designed to help you apply what you have learned. We kept all of the elements that were well-received by our audience, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable learning experience. 😊

  • Body Proportions

  • How to simplify each body part

  • How to draw a body using a reference

  • 4 Exercises

  • And a demo video!

Availability & Pricing

Once again, it is free and now available!

Where & How To Download

The link was sent out in this month's newsletter. If you weren't on the newsletter before this blog post was published, head over to the Simplifying Anatomy page and enter your email there to receive a link to both guides!

We Need Your Help!

Your generosity is what allows us to make free products like these.

It'd be rly cute if you bought Sock a coffee Kofi and left her a sweet note! 😉

Thanks For Reading!

If you have any questions please leave a comment below!

cya guys soon!

- sock Written by: Sock & Peach


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