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Printable Worksheet | The Story Behind Its Creation

The Story Behind its Creation

Today, I'm going to share why I decided to create a printable worksheet!

If you know me, you know that I love helping digital artists grow. And usually, I focus on sharing the resources that helped me become better at art. I also make short tutorials on Tiktok but the amount of info I'm able to give you is super limited for two main reasons:

  • One, I don't have the time (why I focus on short tiktok tutorials).

  • Two, I don't have the knowledge. There are certain things that I'm unable to teach because I'm just not equipped to teach those things yet!

But I don't want to let either of those things stop me from helping you.

So then, I thought:

"If I work with the skilled artists I know, I could bypass both of the issues I listed above."

Seriously, I've made so many art friends through Tiktok, Discord, and other forms of social media that teaming up with other artists to get you the resources you want/need could be super easy. Well, easy is not the right word cause it literally took us over 3 months to create one worksheet BUT it's definitely a lot easier than creating it all on my own. So I guess I mean "relatively easy" haha

The first person I chose to team up with for the "Simplifying Anatomy" printable worksheet, goes by the name Abrito! He's kind of known as an art god on our discord server for obvious reasons. His stylization skills are immaculate!

Instagram: @abrito.x or @abrito.sketchbook

The Contents of the Guide

  • Body proportions

  • How to simplify each body part

  • How to draw a body using a reference

  • Four exercises

  • Demo video


We're almost done with creating it. Just a few more loose ends to tie up & it'll be sent out!

  • Release Date: September 14, 2022

  • How To Sign Up: If you've already signed up for emails, you'll receive a link to it on the release date. If not, sign up here: Printable Worksheets



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