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"Simplifying Anatomy" - A Printable Worksheet Currently Being Developed

Hey artists! I'm currently working on a new thang. A printable worksheet! Today I wanted to tell you about its contents.

Details of the product itself

The worksheet is basically an interactive guide built to help you learn how to simplify anatomy. Not only will it have information to LEARN about, it'll have exercises for you to APPLY your newfound knowledge!

The PDF will go over:

  • Body Proportions

  • How to simplify each body part

  • How to draw a body using a reference

  • 4 Exercises

  • And A Demo Video!

How it was made

I teamed up with two people I met on my discord. Abrito and Xan. Abrito is the artist who will essentially be your teacher. He will be breaking down each body part in the simplest form! We spent a lot of time writing up the descriptions and created 4 different exercises to help you apply what you learn to your work. Xan is the graphic designer who put together the entire guide! It looks super professional and cute and I just love it.

Here's an example of Abrito's work! @abrito.sketchbook & @abrito.x

Availability & Pricing

The worksheet will be free for everyone!(:

Where to get it

Once it's done being made, the link to it will be sent to y'all via email. The release date will be sometime Fall 2022!

Check it out: Simplifying Anatomy

Thanks For Reading

Next I'll share the story behind the "why" and how it was made(: If you have any questions please leave a comment below!

cya guys next time!

- sock


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